Common Attic Issues in Oldsmar, Fl

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The attic of a house is commonly used for storage but its importance does not end there. This is a crucial part of your roof. The health of the attic plays a significant role in the longevity of your roof. There are a number of factors that would affect the wellbeing of the attic.

1. Roof leaks

Roof leaks make the attic humid and wet. This would cause mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew are serious allergens that can affect the health of your family adversely. Besides, it penetrates to the interiors of the roof deck and other principal structures deteriorating them prematurely.

It is imperative that roof leaks in your Oldsmar home are searched out and remedied. If it is too small to be detected by an amateur, the help of a professional roofing contractor should be used. The musty smell in the attic will tell you that there is moisture inside and solution should be sought immediately. 


2. Insulation issues 

In Oldsmar, your attic insulation is of great importance as this area experiences extreme heat and continuous rains. It is vital to keep the temperature and humidity of your attic constant and at a minimum. Oldsmar needs attic insulation of a higher R-value.

Ventilation problems 

It goes without saying that attic ventilation should be considered as the top priority. Inadequate ventilation makes mold and mildew growth easily possible. It is very important that the air circulation in the attic is free and unrestricted because it is meant for pushing out the stale air and facilitating the entry of fresh air. This is essential to keep your attic fresh and humidity-free. See that the vents are clog-free and in good condition. Even then, if you detect any biological growth inside the attic, get the help of a professional to make sure that the ventilation is adequate.

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3. Air condition ducts 

Air condition ducts usually pass through the attic. If there is a leak in it, cold air is released into your attic. This will not only cause condensation and resulting humidity in your attic it will weigh on your energy bill also. The frost on the duct shows that the leak is minimal but if it is serious, you will notice water dripping from it. In both cases, it should be remedied immediately.

4. Plumbing hassles

If the pipes used in plumbing works are old and corroded, it will let water drip. This water will cause damage to your ceiling. There will be noticeable patches on the ceiling and the part of the ceiling will sag and fall over time.
During the customary attic inspection, the health of the plumbing components also should be inspected. If any problem is evident, it should be repaired without hesitation.


5. Pests 

Pests are a usual problem in Florida attics. Termites are common because of the climatic conditions in Oldsmar. Rodents are another group of pests. Squirrels, raccoons, and rats usually find their way into the attic through the various roof-top structures. They are very easy to detect because of the droppings and the characteristic smell.

The termites affect the roof decking significantly. Different anti-termite sprays are available in the market. An occasional spray on the wooden structures of the roof is recommended. The rodents make nests inside the attic. They pull out materials for their nest from the insulation work, eventually destroying it. They should be driven out of the attic and the vulnerable places on the roof should be blocked immediately. If you make sure that the health of the attic is in top shape, you can be sure of a long and problem-free life of your roof.

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