Commercial Roof Repair in Clearwater, Florida

commerical roof

It is very important to maintain the integrity of your commercial building if you want to maintain uninhibited and hassle-free business activities. The wellbeing of the roof of your commercial building in Clearwater plays a crucial role. Unlike a residential roof, if your commercial roof is damaged, small or big, you stand to lose a substantial amount of money. So, the solution is to engage in proactive roof maintenance in Clearwater, Florida. It means that you will have to detect the damage before it actually makes its presence known. The best way to do this is to inspect your roof frequently and thoroughly. 

The factors that cause commercial roof damage


1. Age

If your roof is fairly advanced in age, the possibility of serious roof damage is very likely. The routine inspection will warn you about it. Then the next question is, whether it is a roof repair or roof replacement. You will have to seek the opinion of an expert on this before deciding either way.


2. Collateral damages resulting from the repair of AC/electrical repair

Your roof may suffer minor collateral damages while repairing other installations. The workers may leave small holes or cracks after the work if they are careless. These issues, if not attended to immediately, may lead to greater issues and ultimately cause major water damages to your Clearwater, Florida building. So, after such work, a meticulous roof inspection is in order. You should take care to remedy such problems immediately.


3. Unprofessional installation

When you install your commercial roof see that the roofer has enough experience in roofing commercial buildings. Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofs are often affected by the adjacent buildings’ roofs. If the roofer is not experienced enough, many issues may be overlooked, which will snowball into larger issues in due course.

Common setbacks that impact your commercial roof health 

1. Damage to the roofing materials

The roofing materials bear the brunt of all sorts of weather inclemency. The heat in Clearwater, Florida is often burdensome to the roofing materials. UV rays affect various roofing materials adversely. If they are asphalt shingles, they may curl or warp in the heat and crack through the exposure to UV rays. Make sure that these problems are remedied without delay. The wind is likely to blow the shingles away. It is necessary to replace the missing shingles.


2. Water pooling 

Most commercial buildings have TPO flat roofs or roofs with very shallow pitches. During the rainy season, you always have to watch out for puddles on your roof. Any imperfections in the installation will cause this. Debris build-up on the roof also causes water to puddle. These puddles will slowly penetrate the roofing material and the integrity of your roof is at risk. As soon as such a phenomenon is noticed, ensure its immediate remedy.

roof debris

3. Drainage systems

Drainage systems and the scuppers tend to clog due to debris accumulation. You should see that the periodical cleaning of these structures is done thoroughly.


4. Flashing damages

Flashings are installed at the bases of rooftop structures like chimneys, vents, and skylights. These are likely to be damaged in due time. A damaged flashing is a liability to the roof’s health. You should always pay more attention to these while inspecting your roof. You should never ignore small cracks in the roofing cement or deformation of the metal sheet. A repair without delay will save quite a lot of worries and dollars.

5. Improper pitching

If the pitching of your commercial roof is not done by an expert, it will cause very serious problems. If the pitching is not correct it will affect the flow off and there is a possibility of water pooling on various parts of the roof. This water pooling will result in future water damages and leaks. So, extreme care should be taken while installing the commercial roof.

6. Flow off from adjacent buildings

The commercial buildings all occur in clusters. The adjacent buildings are very close together. If your roof happens to be at a lower level than that of the adjacent buildings, the flow off from them may affect your roof. So provisions should be done to manage such eventualities. The building companies are aware of these facts and an experienced company will do the necessary tweaks to the roof of your building.
The bottom line is, frequent roof inspections will go a long way in keeping your commercial roof in Clearwater, Florida happy and healthy.

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