Clearwater, Florida often experiences extreme weather. This would surely affect your roof adversely. Extreme heat would damage your shingles. When the wind gets strong, it will blow off your shingles and may set some other parts of your roof askew. The continual rains in Clearwater, Florida may cause water damage, which in turn deteriorates your attic and the interior of your house. So, roof maintenance becomes an extremely necessary operation in Clearwater, Florida.

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The benefits of timely maintenance of your roof are multipronged. It extends the life of your roof considerably. A healthy roof over your head ensures healthy living inside the house. An unmaintained roof makes your house look shabby and rundown. This aspect often affects the resale value of your house. A well-maintained roof makes your house stand elegant and proud.

1. Roof maintenance extends the life of your roof 

• Heat damage 

Shingles: The extreme heat in Clearwater, Florida is likely to affect the roof shingles. The severe heat usually curls or buckles the roof shingles. The breach will leave an ample gap for water to get in. The resulting water damage will affect the inner part of your roof structure compromising structural integrity. Another problem is the invasion of pests through these gaps. Small rodents will enter at first and they would enlarge the hole for larger animals.

Do not skip the yearly inspection of your roof. As soon as the damage is noticed, replace the damaged shingles immediately. Do not give the pests a chance to occupy your roof.

roof damage from animal

Flashing: The roofing cement or the sealant at the base of flashings may develop cracks and eventually pieces get displaced. This will corrode the metal sheets underneath. In some cases, the sheet will move out of place producing gaps through which water enters the roof interiors. No crack in the roofing cement should be ignored, even if they are of the hair-line variety. It should be remedied immediately to prevent further deterioration of the metal sheets and evade water damages.

flashing issues

The rainy season in Clearwater, Florida is exceptionally wet and prolonged. This can cause small breaches on the surface of the roof through which water can enter. If such ruptures go unnoticed, they may grow wider and cause serious water damage.


During the rainy season and after every serious rainstorm make it a priority to inspect your roof. If you inspect the attic, you will notice evidence of a roof leak. If you are unable to detect the source you’d better seek the help of a professional roofing contractor. In any case, you must see that the roof leak is remedied.

• Wind damage

Clearwater, Florida often experiences unexpected storms and hurricanes. Strong wind can wreak havoc on your roof. It will tear off the parts of the roof at the extremities. It will blow off shingles. If your roof is made of metal sheets hurricanes can distort them which may create enough space for water to enter. If it is not repaired on time, you’ll also face a serious pest problem. Apart from this predicament, you may also face big and small tree damages. In this case, it is better to engage a professional to remedy the damage.

roof debris

Rain and wind cause another very serious problem. The accumulation of debris on your roof and gutters is a grave issue. The debris on your roof will retain water which will eventually lead to roof leaks. The clogged gutters overflow and damage the soffit and fascia. The water seepage will be highly detrimental to the health of your roof. Inspecting your roof after storms and hurricanes are extremely necessary. Most wind damages call for professional attention. The maintenance work should be done on an emergency basis to rescue your roof from progressive damage. In short, good maintenance work will extend the service life of your roof. 

2. A healthy roof ensures the health of the occupants 

A damaged roof is a liability to the health of the occupants of the house. A leaky roof will make your house damp. The moisture build-up will cause mold and mildew to grow in every nook and corner of your house. This is detrimental to the health of your family and property. A well-maintained roof is an insurance to the health of your family.

mold from water damage

3. The aesthetic quotient of your house plunges down

The roof is the most noticed component of your house. If it is not maintained properly your house will look ugly and ancient. The enhanced curb appeal of a house is the pride of its owner. That is why maintaining the roof is a necessity.

The roof determines the value of a house. If you have a plan to sell your house, you should see that it looks attractive to a prospective buyer. Periodic roof inspections and timely maintenance is the only way to achieve it.