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What are the Top 14 Benefits of Standing Seam Roofs?

Standing seam metal roofing is the latest favorite in residential roofing in Clearwater, Florida. Formerly it was used more for commercial roofs, but recently more homeowners are opting for it.  The standing seam metal panel, as the name denotes, has raised or vertically standing seams on its side. The portion in between is flat. The standing seam roof has several benefits compared to other roofs.

roof on house

1. Hidden fasteners

The panels are fixed on the roof using hidden fasteners. It means the clips, nails, or brackets that fix the panels are concealed underneath the panels. The advantage is that there will not be any nail heads and clips projecting out of the roof. These components are safely tucked away from the elements. So you do not need to worry about their deterioration. Moreover, they do not puncture the panel at any place.

2. Added stiffness

The standing seams support the flat panels. So the rigidity of the individual unit is assured. It helps in the easy handling of the panels. It also adds to the sturdiness of the roofing material.

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3. Low maintenance

The standing seam roofs have become the favorites of homeowners because they incur little to no maintenance costs. The hidden fasteners are not exposed to the elements, and so they seldom deteriorate. The fasteners do not puncture the roof at any place. So the surface of the roof is smooth and sheer. The panels are sturdy and unbreakable, and so it is scarcely affected by flying debris. The flat and smooth surface of the panels does not accumulate debris or bio-growth. So after installation, you can safely forget it for a long time.

4. High performance

The standing seam roof is durable, and its longevity is expected to be 50 to 65 years. During this time, the probability of costly maintenance is also slim. Occasional cleaning of the roof will keep your roof intact for a long time.

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5. Weather-resistant

The standing seam roofs are not affected by extreme heat or torrential rain. The flow off is also comparatively smooth and uninhibited. This metal roofing allows a high degree of thermal movement also.  So, it does not warp or distort even in scorching hot climates.

6. Fire resistant

The increasing global temperature forces man to look for more fire-resistant building materials. The standing seam roofs are totally fire resistant.

7. Enables solar panel installation

The search for renewable and clean sources of energy has reached solar energy.  In the future, more and more need to install solar panels is imperative. As the panel between the legs of this roofing material is flat and wide, it can accommodate installations of solar panels. In the present scenario, it is a vital requirement.

8. Energy Efficient

The smooth and flat panels provide a high level of reflectance. So you do not need to spend much on insulation. Simple insulation will render the house highly energy efficient. It will reflect on your energy bills.

9. Aesthetics

It gives your house an elegant curb appeal. The standing seam metal panels do not allow dust buildup or debris accumulation. So your home looks clean and uniquely sturdy. The simple elegance of the roof will satisfy a connoisseur of aesthetics.

10. Versatile

The panels are available in a wide range of colors. The providers usually provide you with a color card, and you can order according to your preference. In case you are not satisfied with the available shades, you can order custom colors also. Thus your roof becomes your style statement that publicizes your artistic temperament.

11. Suitable for a wide range of roof slopes

The standing seam metal roof suits flat and high pitched roofs alike. In both cases, the roof looks appealing and exceptionally sturdy.

12. Watertight

The raised seams and the robust locking mechanisms do not allow water to enter your roof, even in the most violent deluges. The water flows off uninhibited down the flat panels. You have rest assured of zero water damage with this roof.

13. Resale value

The resale value of your house escalates with the standing seam metal roof. With the durability of the roof and the almost zero maintenance requirements, your house will be the highlight of any resale market.

14. Recyclable

Now is a time when the conservation of the environment is of prime importance. So a recyclable roof is just the need of the hour. This metal roofing is 100% eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable.