roof leak through ridge vent

Water leaks in clearwater prove to be very costly if they go undetected or are ignored. It is also a fact that water leaks are often discovered when it is too late. By the time the visible manifestations appear, the key components of the roof will have been damaged. A meticulous and regular roof inspection is the only deterrent to such dangers.

Structural damages

Damages that affect the main structure of the roof can be extremely costly.

1. Decking damage

If the roof loses many shingles or tiles, water enters and douses the underlayment. This affects the decking and rot sets in. This is dangerous because it weakens the structural integrity of the roof. So it is necessary to conduct a detailed professional roof inspection soon after a particularly violent rainy spell.

2. Rafters damage

If the roof leak prevails for a long time because of the inconspicuousness of its origin or sheer neglect, water may soak in and destroy the rafters which are integral parts of the roof. The most serious aspect of this problem is that it is not easily detected. To avoid this, a professional examination once a year is strongly recommended.

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3. Fascia damage

If the gutters are clogged because of debris, they overflow and the fascia boards stand in great danger. Fascia is an important part of the roof and its destruction will affect the attic conditions. This will also affect the exterior trim of the roof. This will cause the double issues of aesthetic dissonance as well as a compromise in the roof health.

4. Ceiling damage

Undetected but persistent water leaks would seriously damage the ceiling. The wooden components of the roof may soak in water and will warp over time. Besides, dark patches appear in due course, and finally, parts of the ceiling start falling off. Apart from the fact that this would create great visual discord, this is a sure sign that the roof has deteriorated beyond repair. Furthermore, the water seepage will affect the electrical fixtures on the ceiling causing their malfunction.


5. Wall damage 

Continuous water trails along the wall will cause bubbles in the plastering and eventually it will fall off in parts, weakening and discoloring the wall. The window and door frames will also suffer. Rust build-ups will cause difficulty in closing and opening windows and doors. This issue will grow into a very costly affair. 

Attic problems

Water leaks will wreak havoc with your attic if they are not remedied on time.

1. Mold and mildew problems

The moisture build-up in the attic will create favorable conditions for mold and mildew growth. These are very dangerous for not only the various parts of the attic and roof structure but also your house as a whole. It spreads down into your living space infecting clothes, furniture, carpets, etc. The spores from these would affect the health of the occupants of the house causing respiratory problems.


2. Fire hazard 

A clearwater roof leak will affect the electrical lines that go through the attic. When the wiring is affected, it becomes a potential short circuit hazard. As a result, fire may start producing substantial damage to the house.