When you see signs of roof damage, it is very difficult to decide whether you need a roof replacement or a roof repair is sufficient. There are various things that should be considered before making a crucial decision. Consulting a reputable and experienced roofing company will help you to make an informed decision.



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Most homeowners prefer roof repair for obvious reasons. It is less expensive and quicker. However, it’s important to consider the various factors below before making this decision. 

1. A comparatively new roof

Suppose your roof is not past its middle age. In such a case, a roof repair is recommended. The damage will be superficial whereas your roof structure is intact. So, take the help of a professional to assess the damage and proceed to repair.

2. Minor damages

Sometimes minor damages can occur in unexpected rain storms in Clearwater, Florida. A few shifted or blown away shingles belong to this category. To replace them is a comparatively cheap affair so go for it. 

3. Damage to only a small part of the roof 

Wind damage can be localized. The whole roof will not be affected. The wind often blows strongly in a certain direction or the current passes through only a certain area of your roof. Then, the damage will be very limited and a small portion of the roof will be affected. If your roof is comparatively new, it is safe to repair the affected portion. Only thing is that when you do such repair, take care to see that the repaired portion goes with the rest of the roof seamlessly.

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4. Small budget 

If you can spare only a small amount, for the time being, you may consider a repair. As replacement is more expensive, a roof repair will be in order. Here, again it is advisable to consult a roofer before deciding anything definite because we do offer financing.

5. Limited time

If you need to resolve the roof damage rather fast, roof repair is acceptable. If you notice a problem just before a celebration or an event in the house, you have no choice but to repair it as soon as possible. If you are leaving on a vacation, you cannot possibly leave the damage as it is. So you need an emergency roof repair. In such cases, the decision is taken out of your hands.


6. House on sale 

If you have a plan to sell your house shortly, it is a waste to replace the roof. A new roof may escalate the price a bit but it is not very economical. So unless the damage is too obvious or too serious, you can make do with a repair. 

1. Aged roof 

If your roof is nearing its expiry date, it is useless to try to repair the damages. You can be sure that an aged roof’s main structure is likely to be weak. If you repair it, the stress of repair will make it even weaker. Besides, the repair may not hold for long. In that case, an experienced professional will suggest a roof replacement.

2. Serious damage 

A freak storm or hurricane in Clearwater, Florida may wreak havoc on your roof. It may blow off an extensive portion of the roof shingles leaving the underlying structure vulnerable and prone to water damage. Even if your roof is comparatively new, by the time the hurricane is done, a large portion of your roof will be affected. It is useless to utilize any stop-gap repair work. Soon the other parts may give in causing a repeated expense. In such cases, a roof replacement will be more cost-effective.


3. Aesthetic considerations

If your roof needs a shingle replacement, it is very difficult to get the shingles of the same color unless you have leftover ones from the original roof installation. A patched roof is an eye-sore and it spoils the curb appeal of your house. Then you’d better go for a roof replacement.