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Roof repairs & Maintenance in Florida

When you install a roof over your head, you expect it to last for a certain number of years.  You can achieve this only if you care for your roof regularly. The roof is your primary defense against the elements.  Florida, being in the coastal area, often bears the brunt of extreme climatic events.  It means you should be alert about your roof’s health.

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Timely Roof Repairs

You can ensure your roof’s fitness by conducting timely repairs and initiating customary overall roof maintenance projects. Frequent roof inspections go a long way in detecting damages on time. Once you have assessed the damages, do not tarry. Go straight for a roof repair. The common roof repairs involve damaged roofing materials, flashings, vent housings, and roof extremities.

Roofing materials

Conducting a detailed roof checkup after a violent weather event is a realistic and proactive endeavor. Detecting the damages on time helps in remedying them, thus prolonging the life of your roof.

1. Missing shingles

Strong wind and frequent storms are common occurrences in Clearwater, Florida. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, the wind may lift them and blow off some of them from the roof. These gaps are detrimental to the decking and other underlayment of your roof. Replacing them at the earliest is recommended

damaged shingles

2. Cracked or warped shingles

Florida’s sun scorches the tiles and warps or curls them. The destructive UV rays crack the tiles or loosen the granules off the shingles. All these damages are potential roof-leak sources. So repairing them without delay is of utmost importance.

3. Loose or absent nails

Wind lifts the shingles and sometimes fails to blow them off completely. However, the lifted shingles will have loose nails, and sometimes they will be missing altogether. In both cases, gaps that are big enough for water seepage are formed. It is difficult to notice this damage. Only a close inspection will reveal them, but once they are detected, you should hurry up to remedy them to prevent roof leaks.

4. Bald shingles

These are shingles that have shed their granules. The heat and the UV rays are responsible here. Hail storms that pound your roof will also dislocate the granules. The bald spots thus formed are vulnerable places. In due course, the shingles may get sodden.  It becomes a potential breeding ground for fungi and moss. The bio-growth causes untimely deterioration of the shingles. Replacing these shingles is a good idea.

Flashing Problems

Where ever there is a rooftop structure like dormers, vents, skylights, and chimneys flashing are inevitable. Besides these, valleys also will be fortified by flashings. The humid weather conditions in Florida will set off rusting of the metal sheets. The resulting perforations are potential roof-leak sources. Apart from this problem, the roofing cement or caulk that fixes these sheets may develop cracks and flakes off in severe heat. Clean the area thoroughly and replace the metal sheets reapplying fresh layers of roofing cement or other sealants.

Vent Housings

Various roof vents are fixed on the roof with rubber housings. Extreme weather conditions will crack them, and it will let water in. Replacing this housing is not a difficult or expensive issue. So when a crack is detected, it is better to replace the housing.

Extremities of the roof

The ridge of the roof, being the uppermost point of the roof, takes the worst of the wind and the rain. If the wind dislocates the ridge tiles or shingles, it becomes a major water damage point.  Concentrating on this point while roof inspections, is a good policy. If a problem is spotted, you can immediately correct it. The fascia along the periphery of the roof is also at risk because it is an overhanging part of the roof. So it is a likely defenseless component of the roof. However, it should be repaired as soon as possible, in the event of damage.

Maintenance of the roof

Routine checkup and maintenance include mainly cleaning up the roof and gutters. It is a proactive pursuit.  Cleaning your roof once in a while will remove debris and bio-growth from your roof. It will prevent decay, and also improve the beauty quotient of your roof and your house, as a whole. At the same time, it will also prevent the untimely aging of your roof. Conducting a yearly overhauling of your roof prolongs the life of your roof and keeps your energy bills at the lowest.

cleaning gutters

Unclogging gutters often will keep it from overflowing into your roof interiors. If gutters overflow, it will cause roof leaks, and if not attended to straight away, it will affect the roof deck and other internal components. This issue ultimately results in structural compromise.