mold from roof leak

It rains intermittently in Clearwater, Florida throughout the year. What’s more, it often rains hard and heavy so you can expect minor and major Clearwater, Florida roof leaks. The trouble is that the manifestations of the roof leaks reveal themselves very late. By this time, serious damages would have occurred. The only proactive action is to inspect your roof once or twice a year. If you neglect these checkups, the consequences can be very costly.



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1. Structural damage

A roof leak will not be very obvious in the beginning. You may ignore a stuffy and humid feel in the attic. It will soon grow into visible signs in the form of mold growth or ceiling discoloration. If you remedy these visible manifestations without searching for their real cause, during the next professional roof checkup you will be dismayed to find that your roof structure has been compromised. So it is recommended if you find any anomalies connected to your roof, get a professional roofing company to do a roof checkup soon.

2. Attic deterioration

Wood rot

One of the serious issues caused by roof leak is attic deterioration. The attic humidity increases and it will cause various problems. The wooden components in the attic will be affected in the form of wood-rot. Soon you may have to replace them.

Mold & mildew

A humid attic is an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. This bio-growth will affect the stored materials in your attic and soon render them useless. Besides, their spores will travel to other parts of your house including your living space through various ducts and pipes. The consequential developments will be detrimental to the health of your family and your house properties like furniture, carpet, and your wardrobe.


Deterioration of the attic insulation 

The extremely humid ambiance of the attic will distress the insulation materials and deterioration will set in. Mold and mildew add to the deterioration due to excess moisture. When this happens, you will be left with no choice but to reinstall new insulation.


Affected electrical connections

Moisture in the attic has a very adverse effect on the electrical lines running through your attic. It may create ample chances for a short circuit. A short circuit often produces sparks and it is likely to cause a serious fire hazard.

electrical problems from roof
plumbing problems roof related

Deterioration of plumbing components

Usually, some of the pipes of the house water connection run through parts of the attic. The moisture or dripping water in the attic will deteriorate the joints and it will generate yet another source of water leak in your attic. Besides, replacing these parts will cost you.


The roof leaks will cause discoloration on your ceiling. Apart from being an aesthetic issue, this is very dangerous also. Parts of the ceiling may break off and collapse. You can no longer disregard this. Replacing the ceiling is a costly affair.


4. Property damage

The roof is the principal structure of your Clearwater, Florida house, in the sense, it provides protection to your family and property. If the roof leak finds its way to your living space it can wreak havoc. The unexpected puddles will cause slip and fall accidents, especially when you have small children. The water dripping on the furniture and carpet will spoil them.

5. Rust on doors and windows

The metallic parts of the doors and windows stand in great danger from moisture as well as water trailing along the walls. These parts will be very difficult to operate once they start rusting. 

6. Shabby interior and exterior walls

Water flowing down the interior and exterior wall will leave its trails which make your house look shabby and old. The moisture n the walls will make the paint on the walls blister and fall off. The evidence of poor home maintenance will affect the dignity of any homeowner.

mold from roof leak

7. Escalating utility bills

A flawed roof can no longer help maintain your interiors comfortable. You will have to depend solely on your heating and cooling devices to make your home comfortable for your family. This will cause unaccounted for escalation to your utility bills. Think of all the above consequences, just because you chose to ignore the first signs of a roof-leak and kept postponing the professional inspection of your roof!