The roof is the most important component of a house. The health of a roof serves two purposes – practical and aesthetic. It protects people, property and it preserves the beauty of your Clearwater house. So it is extremely urgent to do everything possible to safeguard its health.


1. Protection from the elements 

The roof is the structure that protects your family from all sorts of weather. Without the roof you will be exposed to the extreme heat of the sun in summer and intense cold of the winter. It provides shelter during the rain and fortifies you and your family against angry storms and hurricanes. It also shields your household property from all the above hazards.

2. Protection from worsening issues

If the health of the roof is compromised it means that you are inviting more trouble than you reckon. Small problems that arise once in a while should be corrected promptly. The neglected trivial issues may grow into very serious issues that will end up with you spending large amounts of money. So, it is better to conduct periodic roof inspections and remedy minor issues without delay. No issue concerning the roof should be considered insignificant.


3. Protection from health issues of the family

A moist attic is the result of small roof leaks in your Clearwater home. This provides favorable conditions for the growth of mold and mildew. This organic growth is detrimental to human health. The spores from these are very harmful allergens. These can cause a plethora of respiratory tract problems. Asthma, sneezing, cough, and runny nose are a few of them. Some of these respiratory tract infections and allergies prove to be fatal. In short, correcting the roof leaks in Clearwater and facilitating uninhibited ventilation of the house and attic are of prime importance.


4. Curb appeal

When it comes to aesthetics, a healthy roof enhances the curb appeal of your house. A roof with curled and damaged shingles can be an eyesore. The discolored or faded roof shingles also has the same effect. Making your roof leak-free is very important but looking after its aesthetics also equally important. So it is very important to maintain the interior and exterior health of the roof.

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5. Enhancing the resale value of the house

If you plan on putting your house up for sale, it is all the more important to see that the roof looks appealing. A roof with damaged shingles, chipped chimney, and deformed vents affect the resale value of your house. A prospective buyer is sure to seek the help of an expert to assess the roof-health of the house. So the timely maintenance of your roof always pays off at such situations. 

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6. Energy conservation

healthy roof always keeps your energy bill low. A properly insulated attic will keep your house warm during the winter. A properly ventilated attic will keep your house dry and cool during summer. This means you don’t have to spend much on heating and cooling your house.