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All types of roof repairs should be done on an emergency basis. However, some occasions are urgent and need to be looked into immediately. Your roof is the first and foremost part of your house, which is impacted by elements and other outside forces. So, it deserves your full attention. It guards you and your family and everything under it, which includes most of your worldly possessions.

Any situation that is capable of compromising your roof structure can be graded as an emergency. Besides, any situation that exposes your house’s interior and the properties in it should be attended to on an emergency basis. If the shingles or the roofing materials are damaged to a large extent, it can be extremely detrimental to your roof’s underlayment. The result can be grave structural impairment. So, you should repair it immediately.


Situations that call for emergency roof repair 

• Storms and hurricanes

Clearwater, Florida often experiences unexpected hurricanes, tornados, and freak storms. All these climatic events can cause critical damages to your roof. They will blow away the shingles from large areas of the roof. As a result, the accompanying rain will damage the structures underneath them.


• Tree damage 

If the vegetation around your house is not pruned periodically, they overgrow. A strong wind will cause the overhanging tree limbs to break and fall on your roof. It may cause major damages to your Clearwater, Florida roof. Sometimes the wind uproots a whole tree, which falls on your roof, creating havoc.

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roof fire damage in clearwater florida

• Fire

During the rainy season, if you are not careful, the power lines that run through your attic can short-circuit to generate sparks. These sparks are often exceedingly dangerous. The fire that starts can remain unnoticed until it grows in size and volume. It will cause major destruction to your home. 

• Lightning

Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by highly powerful lightning. This lightning is powerful enough to bore a hole in your roof. This opening lets water in, damaging the interior of your home and property. A prompt roof repair is in order in such cases. 


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How to handle the emergency resulting from serious roof damage in Clearwater, Florida 

The very first step is to cut off all the power to your house from within your circuit breaker. Then, if possible, send your family members somewhere safe. If you plan to inspect the damage immediately, make sure that the storm has passed and there are no loose roof components that may fall on you. If the damage is not extremely bad and if you have something to cover it temporarily, you may stop water from coming in to destroy the things inside your house, by spreading a tarp or some waterproof material from inside. The next thing is to contact an experienced roofer to assess the damage and to cover the exposed part with a tarp. Only after that, you should contact the insurance company. It is better to have an estimate of the damage before calling the insurance company. When it is safe to start the repair work, engage an experienced roofer to repair the roof as soon as possible. Only then you can resume your life peacefully.