Have you come to face a roof repair on your Clearwater, Florida home recently? Is it difficult for you to accumulate the funds at a short notice? Don’t you worry! Now two very helpful financing loan options are in operation. Both offer flexible options to suit your financial needs.

Hearth Financing 

The Hearth is a technology company that is legally licensed as a broker. It has thirteen lenders who offer loans of various ranges. So finding a loan option that meets your needs is not a problem.

1. Pre-qualification 

With hearth, pre-qualification is easy and hassle-free. You have to answer a few simple questions, and within two minutes your pre-qualification comes through.

2. Finding the suitable option

The Hearth has thirteen lenders on their acting list. You can go through the offers and conditions presented by these lenders and find the one that suits your income and needs. So, now it remains to finalize your option.

3. Receiving your funds

When the above formalities are completed, your loan will be sanctioned without delay, and you are sure to get your funds within three working days.


Special features 

Hearth financing caters to the needs of its customers in the most beneficial ways. The pre-qualification is not affected by your credit score. Furthermore, if your income does not qualify you, you can add a co-borrower and refill the pre-qualification form. Adding a co-borrower would also reduce your APR. You can use Hearth’s online payment estimator to calculate your monthly payments and APR simply by moving a slider.

Later, if you find that you can pay back the loan sooner than you had expected, you can do so without incurring any penalty. It is also possible, if you find it necessary, to borrow less or more than your need, as well as your exact requirement. Another important fact is that some of the lenders will allow a 45 days delay, after the approval, in scheduling the fund.  It helps you to delay your work a little if it is necessary. 

Ygrene Financing 

Ygrene offers you easy and affordable financing options for your roof repairs and home improvements in general. The financing company offers a program called the PACE program, which helps to carry out energy-efficient repairs and modifications to your roof. It also finances hurricane protection alterations. It is especially relevant in the case of Florida roof repairs. The area is notorious for rogue hurricanes that often wreak havoc.

You can get pre-qualified in seconds if your property happens to be in one of the Ygrene active areas. The process can be completed online. Your eligibility depends on the available equity on your property and your income. You don’t require a minimum credit score as it has no bearing on your eligibility.

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Special features

No down payment is required. What’s more, you can even delay the commencement of your loan repayment up to 17 months after the approval. It is a great help while you are grappling with the project.

Ygrene offers you the unique opportunity to pay back your loan with your property taxes. The advantage is that if you want to sell your property before the full repayment, you can transfer the loan to the next owner, just like the property taxes. So, you don’t have to worry about selling your property while you have a prevailing loan on it.

In short, availing of a fund from Ygrene is easy. All you have to do is search out a good contractor and engage them after examining the suitability of their terms and conditions to your project before signing your loan documents. Thereafter, you can proceed with your project without any delay.