Florida weather is so unpredictable that it can worsen in a matter of minutes. Your roof gets the worst of it because it is the topmost part of your house. So you can expect the need for an emergency repair at any time. This article will walk you through an emergency step by step.

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1. Try not to panic 

Panic in an emergency will be detrimental to productive action. It is easier said than done! However, try and keep your equilibrium, and start doing things, in an orderly fashion so that you don’t have to pay a higher price than required.

2. Inform your insurance

The first requirement is to get the damage assessed by your insurance company. So before doing anything, call them. They will want to know the details. Quickly and concisely tell them about the damage. You have no time to waste in describing the damage through the phone. If it is possible, take a picture and record the time of the damage. If it is raining and the storm is in progress, they will take time in reaching you. Meanwhile, you have several other matters that need your immediate attention.

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3. Try to protect your house properties 

If your roof is badly damaged by a tree or tree limb, you will need to remove your house items from being wet and spoiled.  So move them as far as possible to an available drier area. Cover the vulnerable items like sofas and other leather furniture and electrical and electronic items with waterproof covers. 

4. Look for alternative living space 

If the damage is bad, and you think it will take time before you have a serviceable roof over your head, look for another house to accommodate your family. The damp environment is not conducive to children and seniors. 

5. Look for a reputable roofing company 

You will do well in contacting a professional roofing company in Clearwater, Florida that is in good standing. When there is a storm, more often than not, you will have a host of roofers queuing at your door. They are called storm chasers. These people may not have a local office or proper tools for the job. Mostly, they are a group of handymen coming together to form an impromptu roofing company. Beware of these people. Their quotes will be way lower than an experienced roofing company. Don’t be fooled by the low estimate. Some of them will get a part of the amount in advance and disappear into thin air. Some others will start the work and disappear before completing it. SO make sure that you contact a reputable company. 

6. Call the local electricity providers and cut off the power

Broken electrical wires form a hazard during and after a violent storm. During the storm, it may short circuit and start fires. After the storm, people coming out of the houses can be electrocuted. So call the power providers to cut off the power till the situation improves.

7. Cover the gap on your roof with a tarp 

Wait for the climatic condition to improve before you venture into any remedial work. Be extremely careful before you step out of your house after a storm. Make sure you don’t step on an electrical wire or trip over large pieces of debris lying around. After taking adequate safety measures, try to cover the gap on your roof as well as possible with a tarp. If you are unable to do this call us for an emergency tarping service.

8. Don’t try any DIY repairs

If the damage appears to be minor, you may feel like remedying it yourself. The problem is that the damage that appears to be simple may not be so at all. Only a professional will be able to assess the full impact of the weather event. So always seek the help of a professional after a complicated weather event.