The nearby vegetation can provide a cool ambiance to your home. It has a purifying effect on the atmosphere and the trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Even if the nearby vegetation is good for your health, it can be extremely detrimental to the health of your clearwater roof.

1. Tree damage 

If you live in an area where storms and hurricanes are frequent, the tree limbs and the whole tree itself can harm your roof. The tree limbs can be detached by strong winds from the mother tree and it may damage your roof. If the tree itself is uprooted in the wind and falls on your roof, it can wreak havoc to your roof.

2. Bio-growth hazards

The overgrown vegetation around your Clearwater house may have overhanging limbs over several points of your roof. This surely reduces the temperature in and around your house in summer. This will obstruct direct sunlight and provide a convenient shade for the moss and lichens to grow. Any kind of bio-growth on your roof is harmful to your Clearwater roof shingles. It will deteriorate the texture of the shingles causing their premature aging.

moss on roof

3. Clogged gutters and downspouts

The leaves and other parts of the trees around will be accumulated in the gutters and they will block the downspouts causing the gutters to overflow. If the gutters overflow water will affect the fascia boards and ultimately enter the roof. Besides causing serious roof leaks in Clearwater, it will facilitate moisture build-up inside your attic. A damp attic is the best place for fungus and mildew to grow. This not only results in the rotting of many roof components but also affects the health of the inhabitants. 

4. Water pooling

The leaves, flowers, and small twigs of the nearby vegetation will fall on your Clearwater roof and will retain water under them causing water to pool. Water pooling is detrimental to your roof. This will soak the tile underneath the debris and the shingles begin to rot. The stagnant water finds a way to penetrate the roof through the inevitable crevices or gaps between the shingles. Since this is a slow process, the Clearwater roof leak may not be visible until it is too late.

roof debris

5. Pest problems 

The rodents and other animals will use the overhanging vegetation to find a way into your attic. The trees will serve as a thoroughfare for rats, squirrels, and many other creatures that are looking for a place to nest. The nest will undoubtedly produce young ones and the attic will be full of their droppings and the feeding rodents. Apart from the foul smell, this helps bacterial growth which can affect the occupants of the house in many ways. 

roof damage from animal

All these points to the necessity of keeping the surrounding vegetation properly pruned. The growth of the trees around the house should be carefully monitored. This will help keep the oxygen-filled atmosphere and your roof-health intact. 

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