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Choosing the right roof will involve a plethora of points. Your roof, being the most visible part of your home, needs careful planning. It is the most crucial aspect that gives your home worth and a great curb appeal. The charm of your roof depends on its color, the materials used, and, of course, the architecture.

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Choosing the best color for your roof

1. Surroundings 

You have to make sure that your house isn’t an eye-sore. If your house is located in a group of almost similar houses, it is better to choose a matching color with the neighboring houses. It is also recommended to contact your HOA to determine what colors they allow in your neighborhood.

2. Architecture 

While choosing the color of your roof, you have to consider the architectural style of the house. On a large colonial house and a traditional house, grey or brown color will look elegant. Also, the structures like dormers and gables should be taken into consideration while choosing the roof color. The architectural style which necessitates greater sloping will be more visible than flat roofs. So the roof color has a greater significance. Choose a color that gives elegance to your house with respect to the surroundings.

3. Climate

Apart from the aesthetics, remember that your roof affects the temperature inside your house. Lighter color on the roof will reflect most of the sunlight and keep the interior cool. So if your home is in a locality with a hot climate, the roof should have lighter colors.

Choosing the Clearwater roofing material

1. Money matters

The first and foremost thing is that it should suit your wallet. Choose a cost-effective material. The most common roofing material is asphalt shingles. They are durable and inexpensive. If you have a larger budget, you can choose a metal that would be sturdy, and at the same time, light on your roof frame. It is durable and requires less to nil maintenance.

2. Architectural style

The architectural style of a house influences the choice of the roofing material. If it is a colonial or other traditional architecture, a metal will look ugly, but slate will look elegant on your roof. Tiles will look neat and chic on all kinds of architecture. These materials will cost you more than asphalt shingles, but if you are in a comfortable position financially, these options are worth considering.

3. Climatic conditions

The climatic conditions of the area have a significant bearing on your roof. If your house lies in the hurricane belt, it is better to choose comparatively sturdy materials that are wind and rain-resistant. Metal is the most obvious choice. It’s fire and water-resistant and robust enough to resist wind and rain.

Choosing the roof style

1. Gable roof 

This style is perhaps the most favored. The multiple triangular structures on the roof give it a classic look. The highly slanting slopes of the roof will not retain water, and the scare of water damage is almost inexistent. Besides, it gives more space in your attic. The prominent downside is that its overhanging eaves would allow wind to exercise pressure from beneath.

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2. Hip roof

The hip roof has a very pleasing appearance. The elevated part of the roof increases attic space. This style will look good with dormers. The sloped sides help uninhibited water runoff. A hip roof is considered to be very stable, though it will incur considerable expense. You have to see that you engage an experienced roofing team. Any glitches in the installation will retain water and cause roof leaks. 

3. Gambrel roof

This style is more modest and unpretentious. With a gambrel roof, your house will look elegant, and at the same time humble. The upper part of the roof is more slanting. The added slope allows easy water flow. It allows ample space in the attic. Dormers will look highly ornamental in this style. A significant advantage is that it is not very expensive. All the same, it is not safe in high wind areas because its height will stand in the wind’s way, letting it affect the integrity of the roof.

4. Skillion or lean-to

This roof is simple looking but stylish in a modern way. The single slope from a high wall makes it comparatively inexpensive. Installation can be fast, and the sheer slope will not hold any water. However, the height of the side will be a problem in the windy season. You will have to look for extra reinforcement. Given above are some of the crucial facts that should be considered while choosing the right roof.