A timely repair of your Clearwater, Florida roof will prolong the life of your roof considerably. Taking proactive measures will avoid unnecessary worries and expenses. The very first requirement is periodic roof inspections. This will reveal the minor and major issues if any. Depending on the seriousness of the issue you will be able to take the necessary measures. There are many signs that will warn you about the impending danger. It is necessary to address them before they get out of hand. You can see these signs on the interior as well as exterior 



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Exterior Signs 

1. Missing Shingles 

Windy weather always lifts shingles from your roof and sometimes blows them off. This leaves a part of the underlayment bare and water is likely to enter. This kind of water damage will affect your roof seriously if ignored. If you are not missing too many shingles then it may be possible to do a DYI job if you feel capable. However, if an extensive blow-off has occurred, you’d better call in a professional roofing company to repair the damage.


2. Damaged Shingles 

After an extremely hot summer, you will see that your shingles have started to show the signs of curling or buckling. Some may have even developed cracks. These are detrimental to your roof-health. It is advisable to replace these disfigured shingles as soon as possible because they may cause leaks during the summer months when we receive a lot of rain.


Extreme heat will crack the sealants or roofing cement that fasten the metal sheets of the flashings. These cracks may appear comparatively harmless in the beginning but in due course, they will grow larger, which results in severe water damage to your home. So if such cracks are detected, make sure that they are remedied in time. If they are in the hairline crack stage you can always remedy them using a caulk gun. However, if the cracks are wide or the cement is chipped away, it is better to remove the whole and reapply it after cleaning the spot well. Another issue we see with flashings is when the metal sheet corrodes. Cracks and holes will appear on the metal sheet which requires immediate correcting. This often needs a replacement of the metal sheet. 




4. Damaged Sidings

The siding boards deteriorate over time and develop small gaps in between them. In such cases, the wind will easily get under them lifting them further and ultimately breaking them off. This, obviously, will provide a passage for water. So they require immediate replacement. If you are resourceful enough, you can make it a DIY job or else seek the services of a professional.


These are water proof boards that are used to cover the perimeter of the roof. Since they are fixed they are likely to be affected by the elements and deteriorate over time. They take the brunt of extreme heat and strong winds. The damaged fascia and soffits are serious liabilities to your roof- health. So if damage is detected, you should remedy it fast.

damaged fascia from gutters

6. Damaged Chimney and Vents

Chimney and vents are prime structures that maintain the health of your roof. Damaged chimney and vents will cause serious ramifications. If the flashings around these structures are damaged, it will cause roof leaks to your Clearwater, Florida home. If the vents are affected, your attic temperature will be affected. This will lead to Clearwater roof leaks. So it is imperative to repair the damages as soon as possible.

7. Broken Gutters and Downspouts 

Gutters and downspouts are the structures that facilitate easy water runoff and keep your roof dry. The health of these structures is necessary to prevent water overflow into your attic. After a particularly windy storm, it is a good idea to make sure that they are in prime condition.

Interior Signs


8. Discolored Ceiling

Patches of wetness or discoloration on the ceiling denote a roof leak. It is very difficult to detect the source of the roof leak and you may need the help of a professional. A roof repair is in order.


9. Water tracks or Paint peelings on the walls

If you see water tracks on the walls it is because of a roof leak. The water enters the roof and then proceeds down the wall to affect its paint. The paint will develop bubbles that eventually peel off. When you detect the above signs you can be sure that you need a roof repair. You should seek the help of a professional; the sooner the better.