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Making decisions about your Clearwater, Florida roof is an extremely strenuous job. The roof of your house is of prime importance just because the safety of your family and property depend solely on it. So you must do the necessary homework before finalizing the decisions. There are a few aspects you should take into consideration while contemplating the principal component of your house.

1. Does money count?

Money does count! The first and foremost decision is about the possible expense. So when various Florida roofing contractors serve you with their quotes, you will be tempted to choose the cheapest one. The point to ponder is, whether the work offered is quality-assured. A cheap quote means the contractor is cutting corners and these corners often prove to be costly in the end. So do not go for the amount quoted without scrutinizing the quality of work offered.



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2. Does the DIY job save money? 

If you consider yourself a handyman around the house, you may be tempted to undertake some roof maintenance work yourself. This, in your view, will save a considerable sum of money. It may seem like it in the beginning but things can change at any time. The safety measures are of prime importance while you are working high above the ground. A professional contractor will have the latest safety-related gadgets which ensure the complete safety of a worker. You may not have them and the work becomes risky. Moreover, some work may seem to be easy when you have a superficial look at it but once you start it, it may overwhelm you. If you engage a professional at that stage, he may have to correct the mistakes you have already committed, and that costs dollars. 

3. Is it more profitable if you buy the materials yourself directly from the vendor? 

It may seem so. It will do away with the “middleman”. However, in the process of saving a few dollars, you may end up buying the wrong or sub-standard materials. This will cost you more money soon. Instead, if you engage a reputable roofing contractor in Clearwater, Florida he may know the suitable material for your house. He will have certain know-how which an ordinary homeowner may not know. He will consider the climate of the locality and your immediate surroundings before deciding on a roofing material. This may be beyond you. Also, he, as a person involved with the industry, will know about the availability of the best quality material at the best possible price.


4. Is it advisable to pay upfront for a project?

Some contractors may demand the payment in full or in part in advance because he has to buy the materials to begin the job. This may sound reasonable to you. However, you should consider the possibility of a fraudulent deal. There have been innumerable incidents whereby the contractor disappears after receiving the sum, never to be seen again. In short, it is not wise to pay the amount before the completion of the job.

5. Is it profitable to have an overlay instead of a complete replacement? 

Some contractors will convince you that an overlay can be less expensive than tearing down the whole structure to replace it completely. It may look attractive at first. The truth is that an overlay will cause another massive expenditure in the immediate future. It may cover up the faults of the roof from outside but the inner damages, if any, will be masked, and the deterioration proceeds without your knowing about them. Afterward, it will prove to be super costly.

6. Is it necessary to have a professional roof check to evaluate the condition of the roof structure before doing something on it?

You may consider it unnecessary to have a detailed check up on the roof structure since it is comparatively new and has not given any trouble. You will never know! A particularly violent storm may have shaken it up a bit and some of the joists or beams would be slightly askew. This may cause problems before long. So it is recommended that you might as well do a checkup when you are at it.


7. Is an overlay more cost-saving than removing the old roof before replacing it?

At the outset, overlays seem less expensive and two layers of shingles sound more efficient than one. But the fact is that when you put a new layer of shingles on the old one, your roof structure may be stressed. The result is the untimely failure of your Clearwater, Florida roof. It will incur more labor and hence more expense. It is always advisable to remove the old shingles completely and re-cover the roof.

working on roof

8. Is it necessary to put the conditions of the contract in black and white?

When the contract is made, it is better to put everything in black and white. The word of agreement may or may not be honored, depending on the ethical principles of the people involved. Also, it is necessary to sign the contract before starting the project. This will make things clear and precise. 

9. How important is it to engage a reputed and experienced contractor?

It is vital to examine the reputation and experience of the contractor. A reputed contractor will honor all the conditions in the contract and he will provide all the necessary advice as to what material to be used or what accessories create more trouble than benefit. The ads on roof accessories will be very attractive but after installing it you will find out their real effect which can be more disadvantageous. In short, you have a lot to consider before making decisions about your roof.