The construction of the roof over your head is crucial. Searching out a suitable roofing contractor in Clearwater is even more crucial. However, if you can give attention to these few aspects when hiring a roofing contractor, you can rest assured that the roof that protects your family and property is robust and secure.

1. Permanent address 

Roofing companies have a habit of mushrooming during certain seasons when natural disasters occur. Soon after a serious storm or hurricane season, you will see a host of roofing companies appearing on the scene. After the season most of them disappear but some remain to try their luck further. Some of these may be fraudulent and lack proper licensing. If you happen to hire them, they may disappear without a trace with your money at any time. So the first thing you have to make sure is that the roofer has a proper permanent address which you can access any time you need.


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2. Local address

If you happen to hire a company that has many branches all over the country, make sure that they have a local office in Clearwater, Florida. It will help you to deal with them easily. It will save a lot of time and worry.

3. Reliable phone 

Ask for a phone number so you can reach out with any questions or concerns. Make sure this phone will be attended by a reliable and responsible person. If the company does not have a reliable office phone, it means that they are not a reliable company.

4. Third-party validation 

Inquire if they are members of a local or national roofing associations. All the reputable roofing companies are members of the Better Business Bureau. If they possess a good BBB rating you can be sure of their quality. Besides this, most of them will have GAF and CertainTeed certification which ensure quality material and labor.



5. Website

Find out if the roofing company has an active website. You will be able to check out some photos of their completed work. The website will have reviews of their previous work. Some of the former clients may leave testimonials also. The advantage is that you will have prior knowledge of their work and modes of operation. You can also be familiar with the details of the workers.

6. References from previous clientele

You can always ask the roofer for references from some of his previous clients. This will provide evidence of the level of his work ethics and reliability. 

7. License

A roofing company with the required license would guarantee the experience and level of training of its workers. You can also be sure that the company’s functions are in keeping with construction laws and safety requirements.


8. Insurance


A roofing company should have ample insurance plans that ensure both clients and their workers. It is an assurance that any damage to your property during the work will be sufficiently compensated. The workers’ insurance will relieve you of liabilities in case of any accidents involving workers. While inspecting these documents you have to make sure their validity is intact.

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9. Years of experience in the field

The more the experience of the roofing company in the field, the more you can be sure of quality service. It also proves their credibility as top-notch roofers.


10. The expertise of the workforce


The crew should be properly trained and specialized in various stages of roof installation and roof repair in Clearwater, Florida. It ensures the flawless handling of different components of the roof. 

11. Safety precautions

Roofing is work that is done at a very high altitude. It needs a lot of precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the workers. An incompetent roofing company will provide only slipshod precautionary measures which may end up in serious consequences. A licensed company will be adequately equipped. 

12. Concise quotation 

A roofing company is expected to provide a very clear quotation, quoting the expenses of every piece of work and materials. Any ambiguity in this may cause later disputes. 99So the quote should be studied carefully and all the clauses should be clarified before awarding the work.


13. Warranty details 

Any repeatable roofing company offers at least 2 years’ warranty. Make sure the warranty mentions the details about future labor. The manufactures’ warranty on the roofing materials also should be looked into in detail. 

14. Agreement

Finally, you have to inspect the stipulations in the agreement very carefully. It should contain all the details of the warranty, details of insurance and licenses, the type of materials used, and their prices. The safety provisions should be stated in detail. Apart from this, the expected completion date and the payment schedules also should be mentioned clearly.