A new homeowner should be able to recognize different signs that point towards the condition of their Clearwater roof. These signs can be categorized under three headings.

1. Signs of minor damages
2. Signs of major damages
3. Signs of aging

Signs of minor damages

Minor roof damages in Clearwater are usually repairable if detected on time. However, if they are ignored, they are likely to become very serious.


1. Missing shingles

The windy weather is likely to blow off a few shingles here and there. If you notice this, you can be sure that water has seeped in. Therefore, this should be remedied as soon as possible.

damaged shingles

2. Defected valleys 

After a storm, the valleys may be affected by the continuous water flow. A few shingles may be displaced or lifted by the torrential rain. A close inspection will reveal such damages and it should be remedied before serious water damage occurs.

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roof flashing

3. Damaged flashings 

Prolonged exposure to very hot weather will crack the sealants of the flashings leaving cracks that let water in. Heavy rain will rust and corrode the metal sheets making holes. A strong wind will lift the metal sheets. All these may result in Clearwater roof leaks. So, once you detect these, you should take immediate remedial measures.


4. Moss growth on the shingles

Moss grows on the shingles which are in the shade of trees. These shingles may retain moisture and moss may grow on them. Moss growth causes the shingles to deteriorate. These should be washed away using appropriate chemicals.


Signs of major damage

5. Curling shingles

Extreme heat will curl or buckle the shingles. If quite a few are damaged like this, it is a sign that your roof needs major overhauling. Unless suitable measures are taken, the roof will suffer structural damage. The homeowner should seek professional opinion in such matters.

lifted shingles

6. Pest trouble 

If pests like birds or rodents have invaded your attic, it is a sign that there is a passage for them somewhere on your roof. This spells trouble and some major damages. These creatures should be driven out and necessary repair should be done.

roof damage from animal

Signs of aging

7. Sunlight through the roof

If you happen to notice sunlight filtering through your roof, it means that your roof structure is nearing the end of its service life. This may mean a major structural repair and roof replacement.

8. Spongy roof surface

While cleaning your roof if you detect a spongy feel on your roof, it means that your roof has advanced in age and needs a replacement before any damage occurs to your family and properties.

9. Sagging roof

If you notice slight sagging on the roof, this is the sure sign of roof-aging and needs to be replaced immediately. It means that multiple roof leaks have gone unnoticed and the roof has suffered premature aging.

10. Dark and bald patches on the shingles 

When the shingles have exhausted their longevity, heavy rains, strong winds, and extreme heat will affect the granules on their surface. The UV-rays melt the asphalt and loosens the granules. The rain and wind will sweep these away from the surface of the shingles leaving bald spots. These granules usually clog the gutters and downspouts. This shows that the shingles are useless and should be removed and replaced.
A homeowner should be on the lookout for these signs and decide the condition of his/her roof and plan for a suitable remedial strategy.