Roof leaks in Clearwater, Florida often go unnoticed until it is too late. These can be caused by unprofessional installation, weather damages, advanced roof age, and lack of maintenance. Whatever causes the roof leak, it can grow into a chronic problem that destroys your peace of mind. That’s why it’s important to be proactive with any roofing problems. Below are some common roof leak causes.

1. Attic issues 

The first sign of a roof leak appears in the attic. This starts with a musty smell and moisture buildup. Then the black mold appears at various parts. The black mold affects the wooden parts in the attic. Once the mold and mildew start growing it will spread fast. This will also affect anything that you have stored in your attic. The spores of these fungi are detrimental to the health of the residents of the house. They cause respiratory problems, nose congestion, and Asthma. 

2. Compromised structural integrity

Water seeps into the roof affecting underlayment and sheathing. When it penetrates further, it will affect the rafters and the wooden parts of the roof frame. Wood rot settles and it will affect the structural health of the roof, which is very dangerous.



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When the moisture content in the attic escalates, the insulation materials will be affected. Mold and mildew find a very fertile medium in the insulation materials. This problem is often noticed only when it is beyond redemption. Then the only solution is to remove the insulation completely and clean the attic before re-insulating it. This can be very costly.


4. Ceiling issues


The water damage extends to the ceiling very fast. Most roof leaks in Clearwater are noticed when the ceiling is stained or decolorized. The water spoils the ceiling material by making it wet and creating a medium favorable for mold growth.


5. Plumbing component issues 

Water damages the metal parts of the plumbing in the attic. The joints get rusted and corroded over time. This can cause further water damages in the attic.

6. Electrical works issues 

When water affects the electrical components, it often proves to be extremely serious. A short circuit can cause fire hazards. Once the issue is detected, it is better to seek the help of an electrician as soon as possible. 

7. Doors and windows issues 

Roof leaks often find their way down to affect doors and windows. The water makes the metal parts of the windows and doors deteriorate.Then it will be difficult to close them completely.

8. Exterior and interior wall issues

Water will trail down the interior and exterior walls to make them dirty. Besides, water will cause the wall paints to blister and bubble. These will burst over time and make your house look run down and dirty. 


9. Property damage

Water damage usually affects not only your roof and its components but also your house properties. Mold and mildew spread down to infect your sofa, bed, and other leather and wood goods. The black mold is quick to spread far and wide. It will affect your HVAC systems and spread throughout your home. The clothes in your wardrobe to the carpet on the floor are all at risk.


10. Escalated energy bills

When you see that there is an unexplained escalation in your energy bills, it can be an indication that your roof needs inspection. More often than not, you will find roof leaks at various places. Considering the devastation that the roof leaks can cause, the resolution of these problems is vital. The smallest of delays may prove to be very costly down the line.