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Why Shingle Roofs are Most Common in Tampa

Shingle roofs have a lot of benefits compared to other roofing materials. There are several reasons for this, especially in Tampa, Florida because of the tropical climate experienced here. A homeowner would do well in knowing the benefits of a shingle roof in Tampa, Florida so that he or she can make informed decisions when [...]
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8 Benefits of a Shingle Roof in Tampa, Florida

While choosing a roofing material, you have different aspects to consider. The roof should be sturdy enough to protect your family and property while being aesthetically pleasing to elevate the curb appeal of your home. Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice of roofing material in Tampa, Florida because of several reasons below. 1. Excellent [...]
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How Long Does It Take to Repair A Roof in Tampa?

This is a question that every homeowner is curious about when a serious roof repair is needed. Unfortunately there is no simple answer because it depends on a series of factors. One has to examine these factors thoroughly before attempting to answer this question. The following are some of the aspects that have to be [...]

What Is Causing My Tampa Roof to Leak?

Many factors cause a roof to leak in Tampa, Florida. Any breach in the integrity of the roof will cause a roof leak. This leak is usually invisible and inconspicuous. It remains so, till serious manifestations of the leak appear. By this time, the roof leak would have caused irreparable damages. Periodic roof inspection reduces [...]

When Will Your Shingle Roof Fail in Tampa?

The life of a shingle roof in Tampa, Florida depends on the materials used, surrounding vegetation, and weather conditions. An asphalt shingle roof is estimated to last15-20 years. However, many factors affect asphalt shingle life. 1. Damaged shingles Curled or buckled asphalt shingles denote that deterioration has set in. This can be because of aging. [...]

Should You Repair or Replace Your Tampa Shingle Roof?

This is the most significant question that arises in the mind of a homeowners if the roof is past its prime. Especially when a powerful storm has affected multiple shingles on the roof. When you cannot decide the extent of the damage but fear that it may be extensive, a quick decision becomes imperative. A [...]
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Questions You Should Ask Your Roofing Contractor in Tampa

You can find countless numbers of roofing contractors in the Tampa Bay area. The question is, which of them will be suitable for your work. You must know what questions to ask them so that there will be no hassles after the work has started.  The questions can be divided into five categories. The first [...]

What to Do When You See a Roof Leak in Tampa

Tampa, Florida is known for its extreme climatic conditions. Extremely hot summers and almost year-round rains don’t help much as far as the health of your roof is concerned. A Tampa roof leak is perhaps the single most hassle here because there are many causes for this. In this article, I plan to talk about [...]
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How to Determine If You Need a Roof Replacement in Tampa

Roof replacement is a costly expense but when you live in a place like Tampa, where the weather tends to be extreme, you cannot avoid it. When a roof has reached its expiry date, it is inevitable. However, some weather conditions can shorten the life of your roof prematurely. In such cases, you must detect [...]