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Clearwater, Florida

9 Signs You Need a Roof Repair in Clearwater, Florida

A timely repair of your Clearwater, Florida roof will prolong the life of your roof considerably. Taking proactive measures will avoid unnecessary worries and expenses. The very first requirement is periodic roof inspections. This will reveal the minor and major issues if any. Depending on the seriousness of the issue you will be able to [...]

Why You Should Avoid Storm Chasing Companies in Florida

Storms and hurricanes are rampant in Florida. This means, a lot of houses will be seriously affected and will need repair. This is where the “storm chasers” find their chance for advancement. Who are storm chasers? After a strong storm in Clearwater, Florida that has damaged multiple roofs in your area you may experience roofing [...]
roof damage from animal

How to Protect Your Clearwater Roof From Animals

Animals in your attic are detrimental to the health of your roof as well as your family. They can destroy various parts of your roof including electrical wiring. Furthermore, wild animals are known to carry dangerous viruses that can be transmitted to humans. So the focus is often on protecting human beings from animals. Consider [...]

Importance of Roof Health in Clearwater, Florida

The roof is the most important component of a house. The health of a roof serves two purposes – practical and aesthetic. It protects people, property and it preserves the beauty of your Clearwater house. So it is extremely urgent to do everything possible to safeguard its health. 1. Protection from the elements The roof [...]

How Nearby Vegetation Can Affect your Clearwater Roof

The nearby vegetation can provide a cool ambiance to your home. It has a purifying effect on the atmosphere and the trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Even if the nearby vegetation is good for your health, it can be extremely detrimental to the health of your clearwater roof. 1. Tree damage If you [...]