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What Can Cause a Leak Besides Your Roof?

When you see discoloration on the ceiling or drops of water on your floor, your first assessment is that it is the roof leak. First, you may try to locate the roof leak by a DIY roof inspection. When it is of no avail, you will engage an expert roofing company in St. Petersburg. They [...]
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How Long Does It Take to Repair A Roof in Tampa?

This is a question that every homeowner is curious about when a serious roof repair is needed. Unfortunately there is no simple answer because it depends on a series of factors. One has to examine these factors thoroughly before attempting to answer this question. The following are some of the aspects that have to be [...]

10 Signs That Your Oldsmar Roof May Have Water Damage

Water damage is an issue that silently spreads and then suddenly appears. If you’re the type of person who conducts yearly roof inspections then you can spot the signs a long time before the leak wreaks havoc on your Oldsmar roof. Below are the usual factors that facilitate a roof leak in Oldsmar. 1. Damaged [...]

What Is Causing My Tampa Roof to Leak?

Many factors cause a roof to leak in Tampa, Florida. Any breach in the integrity of the roof will cause a roof leak. This leak is usually invisible and inconspicuous. It remains so, till serious manifestations of the leak appear. By this time, the roof leak would have caused irreparable damages. Periodic roof inspection reduces [...]

How to Determine When to Repair Your Oldsmar Roof?

When the roof has completed half of its expected life, leaks crop up due to several reasons. Some of these will be simple and easy to repair, and others are serious and would need an expert roof repair contractor in Oldsmar, Florida to resolve it. Causes of simple roof leaks in Oldsmar 1. Missing shingles [...]

When Will Your Shingle Roof Fail in Tampa?

The life of a shingle roof in Tampa, Florida depends on the materials used, surrounding vegetation, and weather conditions. An asphalt shingle roof is estimated to last15-20 years. However, many factors affect asphalt shingle life. 1. Damaged shingles Curled or buckled asphalt shingles denote that deterioration has set in. This can be because of aging. [...]

Should You Repair or Replace Your Tampa Shingle Roof?

This is the most significant question that arises in the mind of a homeowners if the roof is past its prime. Especially when a powerful storm has affected multiple shingles on the roof. When you cannot decide the extent of the damage but fear that it may be extensive, a quick decision becomes imperative. A [...]

Issues with Ponding Water on Your Oldsmar Roof

Water pooling on your oldsmar roof after it rains will eventually cause problems. As a rule, water will flow off the roof into the gutter and downspouts. If the moisture remains it will be evaporated later. However, if you see puddles of water on your roof a long time after a rain, do not dismiss [...]
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11 Benefits of a Metal Roof in Oldsmar

Metal is considered to be a smart choice for roofing material. It has many benefits over the more popular materials like asphalt shingles. 1. Suitable for Extreme climates Metal roofs are highly suitable for a place like Oldsmar, FL, where the climate tends to be extreme. The heat of the sun does not affect the [...]


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